4 Reasons Why Your Dishwasher Won't Start

If your dishwasher won't turn on and start a cycle, then you should do some basic checks. For example, you should check that the machine's power switch is working and that its breaker hasn't tripped.

If you don't have any problems with your power supply, then your dishwasher itself might have a fault. What might be wrong?

1. A Door Latch Problem

Most dishwashers won't start to run until their doors latch shut. Check that your door is firmly closed.

If it feels a bit loose or if you can't close it until you hear a click, then the latch might be broken. Even if it seems to work, it might have an internal problem that prevents it from telling the machine to start working. You'll need to have the latch repaired to get your machine working again.

2. A Water Supply Problem

If water doesn't run into your dishwasher when you turn it on, then the machine won't start. This can happen if you have a water supply problem.

Sometimes, this is an easy fix. If your supply hose is kinked, then water can't flow through it. If you straighten out the hose, then water will start to flow through to your dishwasher again which should then start working.

However, supply problems are sometimes caused by a faulty part. For example, your machine has a supply valve that controls its water supply. This valve should open when water needs to come in and then close to shut down the supply.

If a valve is broken or stuck, then it won't let enough water into the machine. It won't start a cycle.

3. A Thermal Fuse Problem

Your dishwasher contains a thermal safety fuse. This fuse shuts down the machine if it overheats. However, sometimes, a fuse can blow or develop a fault that makes it think that the machine is too hot when it isn't. Your dishwasher won't start up until you replace the fuse.

4. A Control Board Problem

Modern dishwashers use high-tech control boards as they work. If a board develops a problem, then it might not respond to commands. You might push all the right buttons to start a cycle but the dishwasher won't turn on.

Sometimes, control boards fail because they lose their power connection. Or, they might get damaged or simply break down. You might need to have a new board put into your machine to fix the problem.

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If your dishwasher won't turn on and start a cycle, then you should do some basic checks. For example, you should check that the machine's power switc

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