Why Is Your Laundry Machine Leaking Water? 4 Possible Causes

A leak is one of the most common issues that plague a laundry machine. You may be doing laundry, notice water coming from your unit, and wonder what could be the problem, especially if your machine is relatively new. Generally, you should get your machine repaired before the leaks damage your floor, cause mold growth, or lead to slip-and-fall accidents. Here are four reasons your laundry machine may be leaking water. 

1. Loose or Worn-Out Hoses

Your laundry machine has two main hoses—the fill and drain hoses. The components that connect these hoses to your unit may become loose with time, allowing water to leak out. Also, leaks may happen if one of the hoses has a hole. Engaging a reliable appliance repair expert to protect your machine from rust and your home from water damage. They will replace the worn hose or fix the loose connection to your machine leak free.

2. Damage Water Drain Pump 

Is the leak happening when your machine is running? If so, the drain pump could be broken. The water drain pump removes water from the laundry machine's tub. If it is damaged or disconnected, you can bet there will be water leaks. Note that a leak due to a malfunctioning pump may reach the motor, leading to irreparable damage. You should engage a laundry machine contractor to fix the pump without delay.

3. A Damaged Gasket

Front-load laundry machines have rubber gaskets around their doors. Without it, water would leak out when the drum is spinning. Due to continuous usage, the gasket may become worn out, creating a gap when you close the door that allows water to leak out on the floor. And it won't stop until you call a laundry machine repair specialist to replace the damaged gasket.

4. A Broken Water Level Switch

Think of a water level switch as a messenger that tells your laundry machine to start or stop the water refill process. If it is damaged, it may sleep on its job to tell your machine to stop the water refill, leading to a leak. Therefore, hire an appliance repair contractor to fix the machine immediately. 

Hopefully, this article has helped shed light on why your laundry machine could leak water. As mentioned, if you have a leaky laundry machine, do not hesitate to engage a reputable appliance repair contractor. They will inspect the machine and fix any faulty components to protect your home from water damage. 

Reach out to a laundry machine repair service to learn more.

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