How to Service Your Furnace Air Pump

The efficiency of your air conditioner is actually largely dependent on your furnace. Most people don't even realize that the furnace is part of the AC system. The furnace is responsible for pumping air from the condenser and into the ducts in your wall. If you have noticed reduced airflow, the problem might be with your furnace. This article explains one way to increase your furnace output.

The furnace pump is a vital part of the AC system, and it can start to act up if it is not properly serviced. Often, dust can build up and slow down the pump even if you regularly change the furnace filter. This is partly due to the fact that furnaces are usually located in dusty rooms like garages and basements.

Accessing the Pump

You will need to open up your furnace cabinet to clean the pump. Before you do this, you need to properly shut it down. First, set your thermostat to the lowest possible setting. Then, remove the furnace access door and look for the gas control knob. Turn this knob to the off position, and then shut the power off to your furnace. Some furnaces have a power switch, while others will need to be shut down by hitting the actual breaker switch. At this point it will be safe to work on your furnace.

Cleaning Your Furnace Pump

The pump is very easy to see once your cabinet is opened up. It is a small plastic box with vents on one end. These vents provide ventilation to the cooling fan. So, if they are clogged with dust, your fan will not be able to cool down the pump. This is why you need to use a hose vacuum to suck any dust out of these vents. If you notice a lot of moisture buildup on your fan pump, you might need to call in a professional to service it. This is a sign that pump is malfunctioning and might even need to be fully replaced. Unless you are HVAC professional, you shouldn't open up your pump and try to work on the inside of it.

While you have your furnace cabinet open, it is definitely worth cleaning the entire thing. Any dust and dirt inside the cabinet is only going to slow down and hamper the functionality of your central air and heating, so it is definitely worth keeping it clean. For more tips and assistance, contact a repair person like those at A OK Appliance Service.

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