Maintaining The Efficiency Of A Glass Door Refrigerator

For your commercial kitchen, a glass door refrigerator makes a lot of sense. Being able to tell exactly where specific food items are located makes removing ingredients and spot checking your supplies much easier. Clear refrigerator doors also give you an incentive to keep the interior of the refrigerator tidy. Along with the benefits, there are also issues that come along with glass front refrigerators. Here are some ways to cure any issues and maintain the efficiency of a glass door refrigerator.

Clear doors fogging

The glass doors can easily begin to fog up due to the cold temperature of the refrigerator coming into contact with the warmer temperature of the room. In order to keep the glass doors from fogging all of the time, move the refrigerator away from the stove and other heating appliances. Also, adjust the temperature in the kitchen itself. If the building itself is constantly warm, this will cause the glass to continue to fog.

Refrigerator door not staying shut

Most glass front refrigerators will have more than two doors. Some will have upwards of four doors for the refrigerator section and more for the freezers. If your refrigerator doors will not stay shut, this can present a serious problem for the entire unit. The hinge pins may be worn or could be bent out of shape. It is also possible that the insulation on the sides of the refrigerator could be worn down or damaged. In any case, you will need commercial refrigeration repair to help you solve the issue of a non-closing refrigerator.

Cracks in the glass

A crack in the glass of your refrigerator is not only unsightly, but it also spells big trouble for the food inside. A crack in the refrigerator door may cause the temperature outside of the refrigerator to increase, due to exterior exposure. It may also cause the refrigerator to have a difficult time maintaining the correct cool temperature inside. Make sure to call a refrigerator repair service to provide insulated glass for your damaged glass front refrigerator. To maintain the integrity of the glass, keep heavy items towards the back of the refrigerator. Though the glass is tough, it is possible to damage, especially if you move the refrigerator to a different location. Any cracks will need to be fixed with a new pane of glass because the crack will continue to spread.

Loud running

Even in the hubbub of a commercial kitchen, make sure to pay attention to a refrigerator that is running loudly. A refrigerator that is running too loud may mean that something is wrong with the motor. Call a refrigerator repair service like A1 American Commercial Refrigeration, LLC out to help you determine if the motor or the cooling mechanisms need to be replaced or if the refrigerator is running at an optimal level.

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